NUTRO BOOSTER instant porridge (Original flavor)

Official Distributors - Mazoe Orange Crush In South Africa



Proudly South African, NUTRO-BOOSTER mission is to improve people’s health and wellbeing. The company was established in response to the vital need for affordable, convenient, nutritional food products to address the high degree of malnutrition prevalent in poor households and amongst the elderly, those affected by the malaise of HIV/AIDS, TB and other chronic illnesses, as well as Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). NUTRO -BOOSTER has formulated and developed a range of nutritional, fortified, food products in convenient packaging – instant porridge and beverage. 

Consistent quality pallets and containers

Unmatched global network of consistent quality pallets and containers that enable suppliers, manufacturers and retailers to reliably move goods from raw material source through point-of-sale


We Are Official Distributors - Mazoe Orange Crush In South Africa

In Partinaship with Schweppes Zimbabwe Limited


We are official distributor who is authorized to sell large quantities of products to commercial customers online or in retail outlets; this is as opposed to a private seller who will sell only a few items to his customers.

Schweppes Zimbabwe Limited is a manufacturer and distributor of non-carbonated still beverages under licence from The Coca-Cola Company. Our Portfolio includes; – Mazoe Crushes and Syrups, Minute Maid Juices , Bonaqua Still Water and Schweppes Still Water.

The right mix of wood block pallets

Wooden Pallets for Domestic and International

Our Platform Mix Optimization can identify which mix of wood pallets will maximize your efficiency and performance, ensuring you have the right shipping pallet for the right flow.


All Nutro Booster products undergo thorough research and testing (including taste testing to ensure the great taste and smooth and creamy texture of the porridges) so that NUTRO – BOOSTER quality meets standards set for the industry today.

NUTRO – BOOSTER products are made from the highest quality ingredients at the lowest cost to ensure affordability and are designed and packaged to ensure convenience of use, requiring only the addition of water or milk.

Nutro Booster fortified instant porridge is distributed in 1kg, 2kg, 10kg and 1000kg packages. Our distribution channels include ret Seeds and Grain .

Nutro Booster packages and distributes a variety seed and grain grocery under the Nutro Booster brand. The following is our product range;
Nutro Booster Rice
Nutro Booster Juko Beansail, wholesale and direct supply to bulk customers.


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